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The year was 1982.

Leg warmers and shoulder pads were all the rage as the first cans of Diet Coke rolled off the assembly line, their sleek silver bodies glinting under the fluorescent lights.

At Coca-Cola headquarters in Atlanta, the marketing team stared at the new sugar-free soda, minds bubbling. They needed a slogan, something catchy. Something that captured the essence of this lighter Coke.

Late into the night they brainstormed, fueled by coffee, chocolate, and a few too many early taste-tests of the bubbly new beverage.

Ideas were thrown out, debated, and discarded. It had to be short, snappy, memorable!

As dawn broke over the Atlanta skyline, one creative stood up, arms outstretched, struck by a moment of pure marketing brilliance.

"I've got it!" she yelled.

"Just for the taste of it!"

The room fell silent, mulling the slogan over in their exhausted, over-caffeinated brains. Then smiles spread as they realized this was it. This was the one.

It was simple, tempting and bold, just like the sparkling caramel elixir they had created.

"Just for the taste of it!" It was an invitation, a declaration that this drink was more than just a diet soda. It was to be enjoyed for its crisp, refreshing flavor, without guilt or restraint.

Cheers erupted in the conference room.

The marketing magic had been achieved. Within the year, "Just for the taste of it!" would be splashed across billboards and television screens, helping propel Diet Coke into a stratosphere of success no other diet soda had achieved before.

The world would soon be fizzing with calorie-free delight, just for the taste of it.


Diet Coke first ad (Just for the taste of it)
Source: The Coca-Cola Company

It was 1982 in Atlanta, Georgia and the marketing folks at Coca-Cola were thirsty for a catchy new slogan to sell their sugar-free soda sensation, Diet Coke.

They wanted something fun, something tasty, something that would make people crave that first crisp, refreshing sip.

After one late night fueled by too much Diet Coke and not enough sleep, it came to them in a moment of pure marketing genius—"Just for the taste of it!"

It was simple, delicious, even a little naughty. Who cared about calories when you could enjoy the bold, uncompromising flavor of Diet Coke? This was more than a diet drink—this was a lifestyle choice.

Coca-Cola rolled out the slogan with a splashy new ad campaign, and America took the bait.

By day, they were dutiful dieters watching their waistlines, but when that first can of Diet Coke cracked open with a satisfying psst, all bets were off.

Just for the taste of it, they would indulge.

To give the campaign an extra dose of glamor, Coca-Cola brought in the celebrities.

Candice Bergen, known for her wit and intelligence, was the perfect fit to tell America to lighten up and enjoy Diet Coke "just for the taste of it." More stars followed, each lending their style and personality to the naughty joy of Diet Coke.

The slogan was catchy, fun and impossible to forget.

Within a few years, "Just for the taste of it" had propelled Diet Coke into a stratosphere of success previously reserved only for full-calorie sodas.

It was the diet drink of the fashionable, the bold, the unapologetic. For the taste of it, we would do just about anything. Three decades later, Diet Coke is still tasting mighty fine, just for the taste of it.


Diet Coke ad with the slogan "Just for the Cool of It"
Source: The Coca-Cola Company

Picture it—the year is 1982.

Synth pop is all the rage, and cans of Diet Coke are rolling off the assembly lines, ready to quench the world's thirst.

But Diet Coke needed a catchy new slogan to match its bold, refreshing flavor. After a raucous brainstorming session fueled by one too many cans of the bubbly brew, the marketing team struck genius—"Just for the Cool of It!"

This Diet Coke slogan was chill, ill, def, and fly—everything the young hip crowd of the 80s could dig.

In slick TV commercials, stylish ladies in neon spandex seized the day with frosty cans of Diet Coke, just for the cool of it. No more conforming to traditional diet drinks—Diet Coke was about living life with zero calories and 100% refreshment.

The "Just for the Cool of It" slogan captured the essence of Diet Coke's appeal—it was a sugar-free way to quench your thirst and quash your cravings without losing an ounce of your cool.

The tagline was so bodacious it lasted over 30 years, imprinting itself on our collective cultural consciousness.

Though fashions fade, one thing remains timeless—the cool, crisp taste of Diet Coke.


Diet Coke at with the slogan "Less than 1 Calorie"
Source: The Coca-Cola Company

It’s 1984, the nation was embracing its inner fitness junkie.

Aerobics classes were booming, Jane Fonda was the queen of workout videos, and watching your weight was in.

Seeing an opening, the marketing gurus at Coca-Cola decided the time was right to play up the low-calorie angle of their new diet soda sensation, Diet Coke. They slapped on a snazzy blue label and emblazoned it with the tempting tagline "Less Than 1 Calorie!"

Suddenly, Diet Coke wasn't just a soda—it was a guilt-free way to boost your energy while sticking to your diet!

The tagline conjured images of cutting-edge '80s ladies giving their aerobics instructor a cheeky wink as they tipped back a can of Diet Coke. Less than ONE measly calorie—you could practically drink it with abandon!

Throughout the '80s and '90s, the tempting "Less Than 1 Calorie" tagline featured prominently in Diet Coke's print and TV ads, helping it overtake the diet soda competition.

It became as recognizable as Diet Coke's signature silver and red packaging. While the tagline isn't used as much today, it remains an iconic relic of the era and a reminder that Diet Coke remains as refreshingly low-cal as ever.


Diet Coke Ad with the slogan "The time is right for" diet coke
Source: The Coca-Cola Company

It’s the mid-90s and grunge and alternative rock were dominating the airwaves. The Rachel haircut was all the rage.

And Diet Coke was ready for a marketing makeover.

After one too many lattes and a few manic brainstorming sessions, the Diet Coke team landed on a new slogan brimming with optimism: "The time is right for Diet Coke!" It was crisp, refreshing, and caught the cultural vibe of pursuing your dreams no matter what.

Diet Coke unveiled their rebranded slogan in a series of lively commercials featuring attractive twenty-somethings rollerblading, climbing mountains, and chasing success—all while enjoying an ice-cold Diet Coke!

The time was right to be bold, follow your heart, and quench your thirst along the way with the crisp taste of Diet Coke.

The aspirational slogan struck a chord as Diet Coke became the drink of choice for go-getters and dreamers alike.

Sales reached new heights, cracking the billion dollar mark by 2000. Diet Coke was now the diet drink of a new generation, thanks to some smart marketing and impeccable timing.

While new slogans have come and gone, "The time is right for Diet Coke" remains an iconic relic of the 90s.


Diet Coke ad with Taylor Swift for its Stay Extraordinary campaign
Source: The Coca-Cola Company

In 2010, skinny jeans and Instagram were taking over, and Diet Coke needed a millennial-friendly makeover stat.

So they gathered the coolest marketing minds at Coke HQ, cranked up some Katy Perry, and got to work.

After a few hours of mixing Diet Coke with rainbow creativity, they emerged with a tagline for the modern go-getter: "Stay Extraordinary!"

Out with the old "dieting is everything" slogans, and in with empowering gen-Z vibes.

Diet Coke rolled out their new slogan with vibrant ads full of shiny young people chasing dreams to a Top 40 soundtrack. The message was clear: pop open an ice-cold can of Diet Coke and let your extraordinary self shine!

In 2013, they brought on the perfect extra-extraordinary brand ambassador: Taylor Swift! With her squad goals attitude and ab-inspiring stage wardrobe, Taylor was the ultimate Diet Coke role model.

In splashy commercials, Taylor popped open frosty Diet Cokes with her #girlsquad, staying extraordinary through the power of crisp, refreshing bubbles.

With this rebrand, Diet Coke let their freak flag fly. No more just surviving on salads—Diet Coke was now about living your best life! Their slogan spoke to a new generation's desire for positivity and self-expression. Sales skyrocketed as millennials embraced Diet Coke as the ultimate extraordinary accessory.

Ten years later, "Stay Extraordinary" still connects Diet Coke to youthful, unapologetic fun.


Marc Jacobs' Diet Coke campaign
Source: The Coca-Company

The year was 2013.

The fashion world was feeling bubbly as two icons were about to collide—Diet Coke and designer Marc Jacobs!

In a pop culture mashup for the ages, Diet Coke brought on Mr. Jacobs to add some couture sparkle to their classic cans and bottles. Inspired by the brand's vintage hunky ads from the 90s, Marc dreamed up a cheeky new campaign called "Marc Jacobs' Photo Booth Break."

In a series of hilarious commercials, Jacobs hammed it up on the set of a Diet Coke photoshoot, stealing the spotlight with his model-esque poses and primping. With Marc's fashionable touch, Diet Coke was transformed into a sassy fashion statement, sold in limited-edition bottles bedecked with his signature flair.

The partnership sent Diet Coke sales into a fizzy frenzy, as fashionistas raced to get their hands on Marc's stylish designs.

The collaboration was a monumental success, earning attention and acclaim for its creativity and cheeky humor.

Marc helped Diet Coke sashay back into the limelight, reminding the world it was more than just another diet drink—it was a timeless fashion icon!


Diet Coke's ad and slogan "love what you love"
Source: The Coca-Cola Company

In 2017, fidget spinners were hot, avocado toast was lit, and Diet Coke was feeling the need for a marketing makeover.

After taking themselves too seriously for too long, the Diet Coke gang needed a slogan with some sizzle.

They popped open a few icy cans and let the creativity flow. By the last sip, it had come to them: "Love What You Love"!

It was flirty, fun and full of fizz.

Diet Coke celebrated its new tagline with colorful commercials full of people happily sipping Diet Cokes while doing all their favorite things, from gardening to gaming.

The message was clear: crack open a Diet Coke and love it like you mean it, calories be damned!

The slogan was a breath of fresh air after years of serious diet culture messaging.

Out with the restrictions, in with unapologetic enjoyment! "Love What You Love" encouraged people to embrace their passions without limits or labels. Suddenly Diet Coke wasn't just a diet drink—iit was a lifestyle.

The slogan was a hit, especially with millennials tired of being told what they should and shouldn't love.

Diet Coke saw the magic in life's simple pleasures and reminded people to enjoy them to the fullest.


Diet Coke ad "A12-oz fashion statement"
Source: The Coca-Cola Company

2021—skinny jeans were out, mom jeans were in, and Diet Coke was looking for a refresh.

They wanted a tagline that would make Diet Coke the ultimate accessory for any fashionista.

After a few late nights filled with tasteful brainstorming and more than a few 12 oz Diet Cokes, it came to them in a moment of marketing magic—"A 12 Oz Fashion Statement!"

Diet Coke debuted their new slogan with glossy ads featuring models in chic outfits holding sleek cans of Diet Coke.

Pop open an ice-cold Diet Coke and instantly elevate your look!

This fizzy fashion accessory was soon seen on runways and red carpets around the world.

The who's who of Hollywood took to Instagram to show off their designer outfits perfectly complemented by a can of Diet Coke. With its slim silhouette and modern vibe, Diet Coke had become the perfect 12 oz fashion statement.

The tagline was a sensation, and sales skyrocketed among fashionistas looking to add some stylish sparkle to their lives with Diet Coke. It was the drink of choice for those who wanted to feel confident, glamorous, and naturally fabulous.


Diet Coke's most recent slogan and ad "Just Because"
Source: The Coca-Cola Company

Also in 2021, after a caffeine-fueled brainstorm filled with countless Diet Cokes, the team emerged with a slogan bubbling with joy: "Just Because!"

It was short, sweet, and spoke to living life with a youthful spirit.

Diet Coke celebrated its new motto with cheeky commercials showing people cracking open cans of Diet Coke just because it's Tuesday, just because their cat looked cute, or just because rainbows make them happy.

Resonating with millennials tired of following rules and chasing perfection.

Diet Coke used the slogan to refresh their image as the perfect bubbly pick-me-up for life's random little moments. Sales spiked as people embraced Diet Coke as a way to treat themselves, calories and occasion be damned!

Now, in 2022, the "Just Because" slogan continues to connect Diet Coke to spontaneous fun and self-expression.