King George III Quotes


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The mood in the palace has been grim these last few months.

His Majesty stalks the gilded halls, brow furrowed in consternation as troubling reports arrive daily from the Colonies. The Americans grow ever more brazen in their affronts to the Crown.

The King rants to his advisors that the colonists are mere petulant children, biting the hand that feeds them. He will not capitulate to their demands or suffer such insolence.

Dark murmurs of rebellion reach British ears, but the King scoffs at the notion.

"They would not dare defy their King so blatantly," he declares. Yet underneath the bluster, unease stirs. If conciliation fails, conflict may ignite that could consume us all.

In a last ditch effort, the King dispatches envoys to reason with the belligerent Continental Congress.

They return empty-handed, dignity bruised by the colonists' boldness. Outrage sparks in the King's eyes as the final insult comes—a Declaration of Independence!

"So be it," the King thunders, face mottled in rage. "If they spit upon diplomacy, we shall subdue their treason by force!"

He orders an armada and army assembled, swearing to crush the rebellion swiftly.

As warships unfurl their sails and Redcoats march off in formation, a heavy pall settles upon the palace. In his private chambers, the King falls to his knees in solemn prayer.

He beseeches the Almighty to spare his realm from the scourge of civil war. But in his heart, he fears the die is cast.

Below is a list of quotes from King George III that illuminates one of the most hated man during the American Revolution.


King George III quote on losing America
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"I do not wish to come to severer measures, but we must not retreat."

"The rebellious War now levied is become more general, and is manifestly carried on for the Purpose of establishing an independent Empire. I need not dwell upon the fatal Effects of the Success of such a Plan."

"America is lost! Must we fall beneath the blow?"

"I have not yet begun to fight!"


King George III's quote on doing as he pleases
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"I am the master of my own person, and I shall not be dictated to."

"I am not a king of a petty German principality, but of the British Empire."

"I am the only man in my dominions who cannot do as he pleases."

"I am determined to preserve my crown and my authority."

"I am not a tyrant, but a father to my people."

"I am not a politician, but a king."

"I am a man of my word."

"I am a loyal subject of the crown."

"I am a Protestant and a defender of the faith."

"I am a man of peace, but I will not be bullied into submission."