Benjamin Franklin Height and Weight


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The Founding Father Benjamin Franklin was as enigmatic in appearance as he was in intellect.

His height and countenance, though not the most defining aspects of his persona, provide a fascinating insight into the man who shaped the United States.

Let's take a closer look at his physical attributes and sartorial choices.


how tall Benjamin Franklin looked standing up
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The exact measurement of Benjamin Franklin's height is a subject of much conjecture, with most experts placing him at approximately 5'9" or 1.75 meters. ‍

It is worth noting that during the late 1700s, the average American male stood at around 5'6", while European men were marginally taller at 5'7". This would place Franklin somewhat above his contemporaries in terms of height.


obese Benjamin Franklin
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In his youth, Franklin was the picture of fitness, enjoying swimming and other recreational pursuits. Known for his moderation in eating habits, he even advocated for a vegetarian diet at one point in his life.

However, as he aged, Franklin began to pack on the pounds, eventually reaching an estimated weight of 220 pounds or 100 kilograms.

It is likely that his abandonment of moderation, combined with the allure of alcohol discovered during his European travels, contributed to his expanding waistline.


how Benjamin Franklin dressed
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What he looked like

Franklin was characterized by a stout build, broad shoulders, and a round face. His long, curly hair was often tied back in a bun, and he maintained a clean-shaven appearance.

With a large head, square hands, and blond or light brown hair, Franklin's facial features exuded humor, accentuated by a pointed upper lip.

As previously mentioned, he was on the heavier side, and his eyes were of a grey hue.


Benjamin Franklin wearing his fur cap
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Franklin's distinctive look was marked by his famous spectacles and simple attire.

He favored plain clothing, often donning a suit or coat, breeches, a white linen shirt, and a tricorn hat.

Despite his unassuming appearance, Franklin was known to be a trendsetter in his own right, frequently adopting the latest styles of his time.

Benjamin Franklin's fur hat

While Benjamin Franklin was stationed in France, his style underwent an intriguing transformation that would leave a lasting impression on the Parisian elite.

His choice of headgear, a fur cap sourced from his homeland of the United States, was nothing short of unconventional. This seemingly innocuous fashion decision would prove to be a masterstroke in cultivating an air of mystique and exoticism.

In the lavish halls of French aristocracy, Franklin's fur cap became more than a mere accessory; it was an emblem of his American identity, a symbol of the New World that piqued the curiosity of the French.

The cap evoked images of untamed wilderness and uncharted territories, imbuing Franklin with an adventurous allure that resonated with his audience.

Among the ladies of France, Franklin's unique style made him an irresistible enigma. They were captivated by his intellect, wit, and the stories of his exploits across the Atlantic.

The fur cap served as a conversation starter, providing Franklin with ample opportunity to engage with the French in a manner that both entertained and informed. His ability to strike a delicate balance between diplomacy and charm endeared him to the French people, solidifying their support for the American cause.

The fur cap incident is emblematic of Franklin's uncanny ability to understand the power of perception. With a simple sartorial choice, he transformed himself into an exotic figure, capturing the attention and imagination of an entire nation.

In the grand tapestry of Franklin's life, this singular moment stands as a testament to his keen sense of strategy and his enduring influence on the world stage.