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Creating A Unique Flavor Is Like Blending The Essence Of Many Worlds Into One Unforgettable Experience.

--Charles Alderton


portrait of Charles Alderton, founder of Dr. Pepper
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In the year of 1885—in the modest town of Waco, Texas—a singular beverage was born, one that would tantalize the tongues of millions and leave them begging for more.

This peculiar potion, known to us today as Dr Pepper, emerged from the mind of a certain pharmacist by the name of Charles Alderton.

Alderton, a man of boundless curiosity and considerable skill, was known to dabble in the art of creating effervescent elixirs and tempting tonics.

And it was within the hallowed walls of Morrison's Old Corner Drug Store that Alderton would stumble upon a combination of flavors so extraordinary that it would forever change the landscape of American refreshment.


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It was the age of curiosity, invention and delightful discovery in the rip-roaring town of Waco, Texas.

No person embodied this spirit more than the charming, enigmatic fellow, Charles Alderton. By trade, he was a pharmacist, but by nature, he was a tinkerer and experimenter, with a keen palate and a wild desire to please.

His stomping grounds? The Morrison's Old Corner Drugstore, a hub of activity where townsfolk gathered not only for remedies, but also for the sweet joys offered by the soda fountain.

A Spark of Inspiration

As the local soda jerk served up concoctions to patrons, Alderton observed.

He witnessed the intrigue and delight that danced across faces as customers mixed syrups, chasing that elusive, perfect flavor. And it was in these everyday moments, amidst the effervescence and laughter of the soda fountain, that an idea took root in Alderton's ever-inventive mind.

The Experimentation Begins

Alderton, fired up by the prospect of crafting a new beverage, put his pharmacist's knowhow to the test.

He embarked on a flavorful expedition, tinkering and toying with combinations of sweet syrups.

He employed a methodical approach, equal parts science and artistry, inspired by the same dedication and devotion that guided him in his pharmacy work.

The quest for the perfect beverage became a consuming passion, and the Old Corner Drugstore turned into his personal laboratory.

Eureka! The Perfect Blend

After months of trial and error, under the watchful eyes of curious patrons, Alderton at last struck upon a winning recipe.

He discovered an astonishing blend of 23 different flavors that danced and sang together in sweet harmony. It was a triumphant symphony of taste, a drink like none other.

This beverage was a true embodiment of the soda fountain spirit—rich, flavorful, and delightfully unexpected.


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In the annals of soda pop folklore, few mysteries are as enduring as the christening of Dr Pepper.

Many a conjecture has been put forth, but one name tends to resurface time and again: Dr. Charles T. Pepper.

Was he the eponymous inspiration, the enigmatic figure immortalized through a soft drink's moniker?

As is true with most tales spun in yesteryears, we may never really know. But this uncertainty merely adds to the captivating allure of our tale.

Wade Morrison and Dr. Pepper

It was in the picturesque rural landscapes of Virginia that our story takes an intriguing detour.

Here, the tale introduces us to young Wade Morrison, future proprietor of the famed Old Corner Drug Store, then employed by none other than Dr. Charles T. Pepper himself.

This period in Morrison's life, often romanticized in retellings, lays the groundwork for a tale steeped in gratitude and admiration.

There was no denying the fondness Morrison bore for his erstwhile employer.

Dr. Pepper was a man of character, a mentor who had offered Morrison opportunities at a time when they were hard to come by.

Some say it was this sentiment, this profound respect, that inspired Morrison to name Alderton's unique blend of 23 flavors after Dr. Pepper.

When Morrison bestowed the name "Dr Pepper" upon Alderton's creation, he unveiled not just a new drink, but also an enduring mystery.

The declaration was met with a sense of wonderment and an unquenchable thirst for the truth behind the name. As patrons began to enjoy the drink, whispers of its intriguing moniker's origins began to circulate, adding a layer of enigma to the soda pop experience.


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With a name as unique as its taste, Dr Pepper was destined for greatness.

It had caught the attention and taste buds of Waco, winning the hearts of those who sought a refreshing break at Morrison's Old Corner Drug Store.

The local chatter began to spread like a prairie fire, and soon, the calls for Dr Pepper echoed across soda fountains throughout Texas. Alderton's creation had become not merely a local pleasure, but a regional sensation.

Alderton, Morrison, and Lazenby

In the spirit of American enterprise, and recognizing the unquenchable thirst for their creation, Charles Alderton and Wade Morrison decided to expand their venture.

The pair found a like minded partner in Robert S. Lazenby, a beverage chemist with a discerning palate and an astute business mind.

Together, this trio of taste pioneers was about to set the stage for a soda revolution.

Mfg. & Bottling Company

With shared aspirations and a beverage that had won the hearts of Texans, Alderton, Morrison, and Lazenby founded the Artesian Mfg. & Bottling Company in 1891.

Their venture, with humble origins at a soda fountain, was about to take a momentous leap.

The company, nestled in the heart of Texas, was the first step in bringing Dr Pepper from the local drugstore counter to the wider world.

Artesian Mfg. & Bottling Company led to its evolution into what is known today as the Dr Pepper Company.

Under the careful stewardship of Alderton, Morrison, and Lazenby, Dr Pepper began to travel far beyond the boundaries of Waco, and even Texas.

It found a place in soda fountains, general stores, and eventually homes across the length and breadth of America.


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From its inception, Dr Pepper has been defined by its unique blend of 23 flavors, a symphony of tastes that continues to captivate and intrigue to this very day.

Though the precise nature of these flavors remains a closely guarded secret, it is said that they include such tantalizing ingredients as cherry, cola, licorice, and even a hint of almond.

This enigmatic recipe has spawned countless imitations and inspired a legion of loyal devotees, who swear by the restorative properties of Dr Pepper's effervescent embrace.

The enduring appeal of the beverage lies not only in its distinctive taste but also in the air of mystery that surrounds its creation, a testament to the enduring power of curiosity and the human imagination.